Friday, 29 October 2010

Long Time No Post!

Well I'll be the first to admit I've been pretty rubbish at updating this thing over the last couple of months. There's probably a little too much to go over in the last 3 months for one post, but we've had 2 birthdays (mine and Adams) as well as our 2 yr wedding anniversary in that time. We've also seen my sister off to Edinburgh university,  Adam took and passed his ILR test (now awaiting his visa in the mail) as well as applying for Post Grad courses and internships. I have also finally finished making a fabulous 1930s suit for a friend. This week I have worked 8 days straight thanks to having no other managers in the shop at the moment, and today is my one and only day off this week. I am celebrating having a day off by doing absolutely nothing, other than the grocery shop and the updating this blog that is!

 In the last few months I have inevitably found time to do some shopping. Not much but a few pieces from Etsy, my favourite place for sourcing vintage clothing.

This fabulous dress is unfortunately a little large for me in the bust, so I am waiting till I get it re-sized before I wear it (really should do that...) but if you look closely at the print it's made up of construction workers! I couldn't really say no to it after I realised that.

I'm clearly in the mood for buying black as my last 3 purchases (these shoes included) have all been black. These weren't the cheapest shoes I've ever bought but I love the detail on them and I rarely come across shoes I like in my size, it's always teeny tiny sizes on the web!

I bought these a week before I bought the previous ones. They weren't terribly expensive and are the same brand as a pair of vintage shoes I already own ('Valentines'). I've needed a simple, plain black shoe for about a year, perfect for wearing with pencil skirts during the day.

I think I bought this because it was a bargain at £26 more than anything. It'll need some jazzing up with a bit of jewellry but will make a nice day dress in the summer.

I have also been given a dress as a gift from one of the girls Adam works with. I am planning on wearing it tomorrow night so I'll take photos of it when we go out, but the amazing thing about it is that it's covered in bugs, holding umbrellas! How bizzare! It comes with a matching bolero too and I couldn't quite believe it when it fitted. I am loving the weird and wonderful prints of the 50s at the moment.

Tomorrow night is the second Lady Luck Club in its relaunched, fabulous new venue Bag 'O Nails at The Miranda Club. It's a Halloween special and tickets last time sold out well before the night. I will be taking more photos of the venue tomorrow night (a little too exhausted to be doing much dancing tomorrow night I think) but this should give you an idea of the venue, and how packed it was last time:

And finally, today has been spent most listening to J.B. Lenoir.

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Penny Dreadful said...

The construction worker print on that dress is incredible, never seen anything like it!