Monday, 22 November 2010

Looking Good While Dressing Practically: The Humble Loafer

Today Adam and I made a trip out to the Sussex coast, and in the car I put two pairs of shoes. The first a pair of 1950s black heels that I’d bought just recently for wearing out and the second a pair of tassle loafers for driving in.

Once we got to Lewes my desire to wear the 1950s heels dissipated upon seeing the cobbled streets and the steep sloped walk up and down the highstreet. I realised that actually I quite liked my loafers and seeing as they were rather comfortable I would rather keep them on.

Wearing loafers with a 1950s outfit isn’t really something I’d thought of before. Normally the flat shoe associated with the 1950s is instead the ballet flat or saddle shoe which in turn were mainly associated with teenagers. As I was talking to Adam however I realised that I’d seen several adverts, photos and film clips in which the women were wearing loafers as a smart alternative to the ballet flat. Personally I think it’s a great shoe for days when you want a smart-casual look without wearing pumps. All too often I fall into the category of smart (suits, circle skirts or high-waisted trousers with heels) or casual (jeans, converse). Never in-between.

The loafer is something that is very easy to get hold of, still looks almost exactly the same, is comfortable and still smart. I like the idea of Grace Kelly using the loafer to dress up a pair of jeans, but also (as in the advert) the possibility of dressing down a skirt.

To get a good pair of loafers you really need to invest. The loafers I wore today were £30 from Asos and are a black tassle style. However they aren’t built to last and don’t look quite as nice as Grace Kelly’s in Rear Window. The only error with the outfit I'm wearing (I feel) is that a fur scarf doesn't really go with loafers. But I am excusing myself on the grounds that a) it was darn cold and b) I wasn't planning on wearing loafers but the more glamorous heels (which spent the entire afternoon in the back of the car).

Bass do a great selection of loafers but you may have to dig around a bit to find the style you want in the UK. The burgundy traditional loafer as worn by Grace Kelly can be found on for £99.

For something a little more casual (almost loafer meets mocassin) I really like these suede tassle loafers from Asos. They also come in black. £45

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