Sunday, 31 January 2010

An Introduction

Well I thought it best to start with an introduction! My name is Ximena, and I live somewhere on the fringes of London with my husband Adam. Both of us are passionate about post war lifestyle - perhaps more of an American take on it than a British, rationing isn't quite so glamorous! It all started way back when I was about 19yrs old, and I remember going to a club and seeing a group of rockabilly girls and thinking it was fantastic, quirky and unusual yet still glamorous and feminine. Since then I've become more interested in vintage than rockabilly, but will never forget that first encounter with those rockabilly girls at the club.

Since then, 1950s culture has become more and more a part of mine and Adams life, with us taking jiving lessons with Robin and Colette, going to club nights around London, collecting vintage homeware goodies and of course collecting clothes! More than anything else though, dancing has opened up a whole new world to us since we got married. This blog is here more than anything to document all the fabulous events we go to, the wonderful people we meet, and all the things we love about vintage. To finish, here's a photo of my husband and me on holiday in Portugal last year, looking a little soggy due to having just taken a dip in the sea...

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