Thursday, 11 March 2010

Lady Luck Club

This past Friday Adam and I went to Lady Luck club, as we always do each month. It has recently moved to a new venue, Proud Cabaret, and although the venue is quite tucked away it's worth visiting as it's truely lovely. I have been to both the previous venues that Lady Luck has been held at, and of the three, as a dancer alone this is most certainly the best. At the start of the night it's still very busy with people enjoying the last drinks from the previous event, but at around 11 the tables are cleared from the floor, to make way for burlesque acts, a live band and lots of dancing.

Now to start with the burlesque. The perfomer for the night was Missy Macabre. Her performance and personal style made me think she wouldn't have been out of place on the (beautiful) HBO series carnivale (see above). Not only were her costumes extremely elaborate and well thought through to the last detail, she breathes fire. Did you hear that? She's a fire breathing burlesque performer. Now there's something you don't see every day. Now I know that each burlesque performer has their own unique talent, and I've seen some very beautiful performances in the last year or so, but hers was something special and not what I was expecting at all.

After an interval of dancing, next we had on John Crampton from Brighton. We'd seen him the week previous at Club Thunderbird held at Charlotte Street Blues once a month. Something that's hard to convey about John Crampton until you hear him is how solid his sound is. It's something that really took me back when I first saw him. He's all alone on stage, but he sounds like he has 10 men behind him. All he has is his guitar and his harmonica, a very strong voice and a well timed stomp. Not only that but he plays the guitar beautifully. He was someone I was very excited to get to see a second time. If you get a chance, at the very least give his myspace page a listen.

And finally, some sneaky snaps Adam took.

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