Wednesday, 7 July 2010

Michigan 2010 Part 3 - When it comes to vintage, God Bless America

Now for the final part of my Michigan trip post. It's been a while coming, but there's a good reason for that! Over the last year, I've had a little bit of a vintage 'drought'. I haven't bought very much as I haven't really had the spare cash, and some the things I have bought have ended up being a little bit of a disappointment (or too small, in the case of my favourite pair of shoes :( ) However, when Adam and I went over to America we set aside a small amount of cash each in case we found something we liked. Adam has been having a great time this year with vintage, finding some amazing shirts, suits and jackets, so the expectation was that he would be the one to find all the goodies.

But no! Instead I had a hard time choosing what to buy and what to pass up. But I hope you'll agree that what I did end up with is rather lovely...

This beautiful purse I found in a little vintage store in Holland, MI. We wandered into a jewelery store after admiring their front (very 50s brickwork) and got chatting to the owners about vintage. They thought we were bonkers, but sent us down the road to another shop they said had a vintage clothing section at the back. We walked down, only to be informed by the shop assistant that they no longer stocked vintage, and to try another store on the other side of town. So Adam and I, with my very blistered feet (oww), walked over to the other side of the town in the 30degree heat. But was it worth it! I found this purse with all its original accessories still intact, and beautifully lined in deep blue. I love the shape and the lucite handle.

This skirt I found in a vintage store in Royal Oak, MI. I looked at it and assumed it would be too big (I can never find vintage in shops in my size), but was so in love with the pattern I thought I might as well try it on. And it fit! Perfectly! And it matches the pink sweater I bought a few months back too. My favourite part is the glitter on the stems of the flowers, particularly as it's all in such good condition and hasn't worn off over time.

I found two (5 actually, but only 2 I really liked) vintage 50s hats in a warehouse Adam and I used to go to when we were dating. I had a good rummage around the place (it's HUGE) and found the two hats and a Lisner 50s necklace. When we got outside when we were done and spoke to the old lady who runs the place and asked how much she wanted, she said nothing! She let me have them all as a gift. Amazing. It was the first place we visited on our trip and what an amazing start. I really wish we'd had time to go back but alas, no such thing.

And last but not least the chalkware lamp Adam and I found at the same place we found my purse. Adam saw it and without even looking at the price said 'I want it. Can we have it'. Good thing it was only $49 really! Our favourite part is how they pressed real feathers into the lamp shade and base. The little china man is a bit beat up, but I kinda love him all the more for it.

There is one more thing... but I want to get a decent photo of it, as the photos Adam took didn't do it any justice. But I shall be wearing it on Friday most likely, so hopefully I'll get some better photos then!

Ximena x


Straight Talking Mama! said...

I LOVE the lamp, I'm a sucker for lamps and oriental chalkware of the 50s, so this does it for me on every level!

Heichelbech-Weill Genealogy said...

Just found your blog and had to comment that I have a lamp like this my sis sent me from Boston (to Indiana). It has 2 Chinese folks, one reading and one playing a stringed instrument. The shade is more like a 50s splattery gold and cream affair. Aynway, I love mine and wouldn't give it up for the world! I've never seen one like it anywhere (and I shop vintage a lot).