Monday, 5 July 2010

Rock 'n' Bowl

On Saturday Adam and I decided it'd be fun to check out Rock 'n' Bowl for the first time. If you haven't heard of it already, it's a 50s themed club held in a bowling alley. But not just any bowling alley, the Bloomsbury Bowling Lanes, where they even went to the effort of importing original 1950s carpeting and above lane ball returns which they sourced from Canada.

It's a fun night simply because it's so unpretentious. You can go and watch a movie in the entrance hall, grab a bite to eat at their diner and then dance a little before bowling a game. There's a lot to do for one venue. I have to say, I sucked at the bowling part. However I did have some input from Keith and Nino on how to improve my game, and it definitely worked! I still managed only half the number of points of Adam and Keith though. Pretty shocking but at least I'm a good loser.

The only part that isn't so much fun is attempting to dance on their dance floor. Which is made with old carpeting squares and is covered in gum. You have to wrench your foot of the floor to do a spin! And I'm not sure my Aris Allen's enjoyed it very much. But I have been informed that this is going to be replaced in due time with wood panelling. Hurrah!

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