Monday, 26 July 2010

My Dads 70th Birthday and the $8 Wonder Suit

Taken with our 1960s Polaroid 100

Yesterday (Sunday) my Dad turned 70! He's a difficult one when it comes to birthday because frankly, he doesn't like them. Or Christmas. And he's a nightmare to buy presents for. That said, we all wanted to do something special for his birthday that he'd both enjoy and remember, for all the right reasons. Originally, my Mum was going to throw him a big party, but we all knew he wouldn't enjoy it. So instead she booked a meal just for the family at the Petersham Hotel on Richmond Hill. A fitting choice, as it was where they went for the first night of their honeymoon after they got married.

My Dad couldn't have enjoyed it more. He loved every minute of the day. We all did. The food was fantastic and the view over Richmond was lovely (the view over Richmond is actually a 'protected view', no one is allowed to build on the land).

My Mum had told me to 'dress posh'. Now when you tell Adam and I to dress posh we get a little confused, as our version of 'posh' is probably not everyone elses. We're over dressed in comparison to everyone else pretty much 90% of the time! In the end I decided to wear my $8 wonder suit. Aptly named by Adam as I found it in the States in May, for $8. Bam! So I thought I should share some photos of what I wore with you.

To add up the cost of the outfit:
Suit: $8
Hat: Free!
Earrings: Gift!
Shoes: £25 from Marks and Sparks.
Bag: $24

So to sum up, Marks and Spencers is clearly over priced.

 Unfortunately not a full shot. But it's cherry red! And the purse I found on the same day in the same part of michigan in a matching red. Insane. I posted photos of it in an earlier post.

Although it's not the most attractive photo of me I've ever seen, (I look like a lump) it does give you a good idea of the amazing detailing on the suit (click on the photo to enlarge).

At this point it had been a long day and my hair (and me) were starting to look a little tired. But I do like this style. It also gives you a good view of the hat I was wearing, which had a big velvet bow in the front. Originally my hair looked a little neater, more like in this photo but without the victory rolls:

Definitely tempted to go back to having short hair.

A woman in the toilets came up to me and said I looked like the queen when she was my age. I wonder if the queen makes attractive faces like this? Somehow I doubt it.


Straight Talking Mama! said...

great shots & congrats to your Dad!

Jessica said...

Your suit is absolutely stunning, a perfect staple :)

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