Tuesday, 10 August 2010

Polaroids - The Black and Whites

Some of you may have already noticed me mention our Polaroid 100 Land Camera (I included a photo in the last post). Our Land Camera I found in a thrift store while staying with Adam and Detroit some years back, complete in its case with the original bulbs, flash, manual and some out dated film (we didn't attempt to use this!) I had previously been given one by Adam as a present but a later model without all the mod-cons. The 100 series was particularly exciting however because it was the first of the Land Camera models and came with a glass lens and would have retailed for around $165 in '66 when it was released (a lot of money for those days!). The camera takes some beautiful shots, and I'm finally getting around to editing some of the photos we took with it in Michigan during our stay in May. So I thought I'd share them with you bit by bit. First, the black and whites!