Thursday, 25 February 2010

Diavolo Blues Club

Adam and I love to dance. A lot. And lately we've been struggling to find places to go that are both regular and affordable. On Tuesday we finally got our butts in gear and went along to Diavolo Blues Club at Charlotte Street Blues, a venue we'd been to previously for Swing Mon Amour. We didn't get to go for long. We didn't arrive till 9 and it finished at 11:30pm, however we really love the atmosphere of Charlotte Street Blues and have missed it, as we haven't been since before Christmas. I think it's somewhere we'll try to visit every week from now on, as it's completely free admission, meaning Adam and I's empty pockets need not be of concern. This week a guy called Rohan joined the band on stage, and each week they have a different guest. Rohan will also be at March's Lady Luck Club, he's great fun to watch. 

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