Monday, 14 June 2010

Michigan 2010 Part 2 - Photos from Detroit

Image from Shorpy

So the next part of my Michigan post is the photos that Adams Dad Bob took of Adam and I. Bob was a professional photograph for Strohs, Carhartt, Lionel Trains and others in the 90s and has recently started up his photography business again. He said he wanted to get some portraits of us before we left, so we decided just to drive down to downtown Detroit and see what we came across.

The thing about Detroit is that its boom time was in the first half of the 20th Century. As a result, and what we'd forgotten until we got there, the architecture is amazing. There are some beautiful art deco features which made taking the photos feel a lot more authentic than if we'd just gone to a cheesy 50s style diner.

I'm extremely critical of my appearance but the photos Bob took were wonderful and I'd love to get some of them printed up. I really love the Mad Men feel to them. And it means even more that they were taken by Adams Dad, rather than someone we didn't know.

You can check out Bobs work on Facebook Captivating Image Photography

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