Thursday, 10 June 2010

Michigan 2010

So I've been dreadful lately and haven't updated my blog in about a month. However I believe that there is a good excuse for this, and that is the holiday Adam and I were prepping for most of May!

Adam is originally from Michigan and has been living in the UK since we got married almost 2 yrs ago now. Since he moved over here he hasn't been able to go back to see his parents, but last month we finally made it out there for 2 weeks, and it was wonderful, but 2 weeks was definitely not enough!

 On the first weekend we visited Mackinac Island, which is a tiny little island between the upper and lower Peninsula of Michigan. The unique thing about Mackinac is that there are no cars or motor vehicles allowed on the island. Instead, you drop your car off at a car park and take a ferry across to the island, where the only mode of transportation is a horse and carriage or a bicycle.

On the Sunday after we arrived we rented out bicycles and rode all the way around the circumference of the island (it's only 8.2 miles!) It started out really foggy, but by about 1pm all the fog had cleared for the most beautiful, sunny day.

The other thing about Mackinac is the fudge! It doesn't taste like British fudge at all, it's much creamier (and richer). I brought a selection of fudge back for my family, who devoured it in about a week (apparently my Dad even took possession of one flavour and wouldn't let anyone else have it!)

On the way back we stopped off at a few towns, including Traverse City, which has this amazing theater.

When we got back, Adam and I left straight away for 2 days by ourselves on the Western side of Michigan in Grand Haven. We visited Saugatuck and Holland while we were there, and Holland was definitely our favourite of the three.

After we got back from Grand Haven it was all systems go on meeting up with Adams friends that he hadn't seen since he'd left. Casey and Diane just got married a month ago, so we took them out for sushi, we then met up with Lisa the next night and checked out her great little (I say little but it's a lot bigger than ours) flat with a real retro feel. The next night we went out to dinner with everyone to Slows Bar-B-Que in downtown Detroit. The best ribs ever, and you get to pick your own sauce!

I wish I could share all the photos, but there are literally hundreds, as Adams Dad, Adam and I are all photographers. There are still more to come, on a slightly different subject though, so I will break them up into different posts x

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